2946 Burns Rd. Madison, OH 44057

Church Beliefs

Tri-County is a non-denominational church. We’re Protestant, evangelical, and Baptistic. We believe and teach the same biblical truths that Christians have treasured throughout the past two thousand years. While we strive to be personal and relevant in everything we teach, we never strive to be innovative with what we teach.

What is a Bible Church?

Comedian Tim Hawkins jokes that “a Bible church is just a Baptist church with a cool website.” Whether or not we have a cool website is debatable; but, we do have the two distinctive marks of historic Baptist churches: we are congregationally governed, and we only baptize professing believers. So why didn’t we choose to call ourselves Baptist when we organized our fellowship in 1998 years ago? For two primary reasons. First, we didn’t call ourselves Baptist because that term has so many associations in people’s minds. People have had different kinds of experiences (both positive and negative) with independent Baptists, Conservative Baptists, Regular Baptists, Southern Baptists, Northern Baptists, American Baptists, etc. Second, we thought that the designation Bible Church would communicate much more clearly to our community (who, for the most part, doesn’t care much about denominational distinctives) that the Bible is absolutely central in our life as a congregation.